Our Services

Our Promise

Site visits or Phone Technical Support

Already have one of our systems in place and need help?  

We can provide:

- periodic maintenance visits

- on demand site repair visits

- phone technical support

- replacement parts

Give us a call at (304) 277-4057 and let us help. 

Our work is good. We promise. And we stand behind that promise, we won't stop working until you like what we've done. 


Give us a call (304) 277-4057 or email us at pmg@roadblade.com.

If you have our RoadBlade system in place and need to fix it,  we can help.  Our support team has thorough knowledge of our system and with proper assistance can walk through troubleshooting over the phone.  Site  walk through assistance is available to help with the layout design as well as understanding the how/where the equipment is needed to be placed, contact for terms.

Need a quote?

We can provide multiple options to fit your needs.

With today's ever changing environment what worked in the past may not work today.  

PMG can provide multiple options for new equipment or integrating our equipment with your existing product.  For example,if you already have a gate arm in place but no method to stop vehicles if they crash through the arm, we can provide the tire treadle to fit your location.  Don't have anything in place and need to start from scratch?  We can help and provide the complete equipment package and even a turn key installation if needed.

NEED an installer?

PMG  has a list of certified installers, from government to commercial applications. These installers are available to help with understanding the scope of work required to install the system that best suits your location and application. With the vast knowledge of products our installers have used, they would be able to help with other projects on your site.