All RoadBlade systems come  STANDARD 12 FEET coverage and are  EXTENDABLE UP TO 24FEET.   

Link systems together to cover multiple lanes

The Roadblade system is an electrical system (NO HYDRAULICS), that uses 110v or 240v for the main and converts it to 12volts (24volt option available) for the system

Blades are rotated up by a 1000 pound torque linear actuator. The blades are made of hardened steel and in a "V" shape, cutting tires from either direction.

Modules are 20 inches long x 6.625 wide and are made of T51 cast aluminum to prevent rust and are able to withstand over 50 tons. As well as stainless steel hardware prevent rusting on critical parts.

A major key part is the 40 inch prefabricated trenchesthat the system mounts in. These trenches are interlocking with male and female ends that bolt together before being poured in the concrete. This design allows for easier installation with less chance of mistakes at a critical time. Each trench also comes with a knock-out for a schedule 40 3" drain pipe.

Activation stations ( push button control box )can control the RoadBlades independently, together, and can  have a master button ( EFO ) to activate all systems at the same time.

Systems can be linked to existing gates arms or supplied with new arms as a visual signal. The blades and arm can activate together or activate according to the position of the arm.

Wireless options, variations of indicator lights, and sirens are extra options for the system.


Because ALL site needs are customer specific and multiple options are available quotes are needed

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